Today is a day to rejoice. OK maybe we are taking that a bit far but protein is an important part of our diet.

Why not have a national day to celebrate it? I mean protein is especially important for weight loss.

When it comes to fat loss and even a better looking body protein is pretty much the king of nutrients. Protein can reduce hunger. Eating protein rich food causes you to actually consume less food.

Protein also helps to boost your metabolism. Our bodies use food as energy to get us through the day. When we eat, our body breaks down the nutrients and uses calories to help digest. But, not all foods are the same. A high protein diet has been shown to boost metabolism and increase your calorie burn..

Your body also uses protein to build and repair tissue. Protein is the building block of muscle mass. So after an injury an increase in protein can help your body repair itself.

So taking a day like today to celebrate protein is important.

So which proteins tend to be our favorite? Well chicken tends to lead the lists. Followed closely by beef. Vegetables have protein as well. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts and asparagus all have at least a few grams per cup.

Other favorites when it comes to protein include pork and seafood.

Now if you are looking to get more protein in your diet here is what you can do; Make sure you add eggs, fish, quinoa, broccoli and pumpkin seeds to your diet Those items will help you feel full which will help you on your weight loss goals.




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