I don't think any of us knew, or even know now, who Jason Russell is.  Jason is the man behind the video that went viral called Kony 2012 that we all watched in shock as we learned of this incredibly tragic story that has been going on for many years now.  Well, apparently Jason can't handle the pressure of being "famous" because he's already had a breakdown.  A breakdown that included his naked butt in public.  Or should I have said pube-lic?


Either way, Jason goes from the "caring soul" in the Kony video to "crazy pissed off naked man" in this meltdown video obtained by TMZ.

It's a total 180!  He was running around the neighborhood naked, making sexual gestures to people.

Does he know that only movie stars get away with that kind of behavior and not people who made videos that go viral on Youtube?

TMZ Reports

A rep for Invisible Children says Russell was suffering from exhaustion, dehydration, and malnutrition as a result of a strenuous PR campaign.

PSSSSHHHHHT whatever!  How long has this PR campaign been going on?  A few months?  It took Dave Chappell years to have a meltdown and he was actually talented!

My guess is his meltdown came from women, prescription pills and sexual frustration.  But I'm never correct on these things.

Get the full story here at TMZ.



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