In today's society, prescription drug problems are on the rise.  So when a company tries to profit off of it, it makes me sick to my stomach.  A boutique in L.A. is taking some major heat for selling drug inspired clothing.

It is no secret that the United States has a major fight on their hands.  The fight is with prescription drugs.  Many people are prescribed these drugs and then get addicted.  The problem is out of control.  So when a boutique in L.A. began selling shirts that have various prescription drugs written on it like, Xanax, Adderall, and Vicodin its disturbing.

They are profiting off an illness that has killed numerous people.  Teens like to be fashionable and if a popular boutique says this is fashionable they are going to buy it.  It is sad.  It seems like they are making light of a serious situation.

After a firestorm, the boutique stated that they were willing to donate part of the profits to the Medicine Abuse Project, a partner of  The organization immediately fought back and sent a letter saying:

"We would not entertain any direct donation from Kitson while you flagrantly, and without remorse, continue to sell these products."

Kitson's Facebook page is filled with angry consumers.  Their response:

So what do you think?  Money hungry?  Irresponsible?  Insensitive?  Stupid?

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