In the past few days, we already heard that the building that Grill Italia occupied was up for sale. Now a local favorite also had a sign go up at their business.

It came as a surprise to the staff and the patrons. Sometimes, though, life happens and you have to look for new owners. That is what happened recently to The Handle Bar and Grill on Sixth Street.

They were a great place to stop for lunch or dinner. Grab a meal and a cold drink and go sit out on the patio. The owners, Keith and Amanda made you feel welcomed. Heck, the whole staff did.

That is what their neighbor across the street at Texas Ivy felt. Because her shop was so close to The Handle Bar she would stop by quite a bit. I ran across her tribute to them recently:

So the Handle Bar and Grill is officially closed. The staff has either already found a new place to work or is in the process. The building is looking for a new occupant. One that hopefully meshes with the way of life on Sixth Street.

The Handle Bar has been there since 2017. Before that Wild Bill's Fill'n Station was there. We need more places like that. We need another place that fits in well with Moe Dog's across the street and Texas Ivy.

Good neighbors and a great place to eat are really important to the area. We need to add something else magical to Route 66. What would fit well there?

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