They say everyone is hiring these days and that may be true. You may even be looking for a good job with benefits. Well Amarillo Independent School District has a lot of positions open that you may be interested in.

AISD Job Fair: When & Where

They are hiring all over the place. Because of this they are holding a job fair to get those positions filled. The job fair will be held coming up on Tuesday, November 9th. So you have some time to polish up that resume. Update your skills, references, and find your best job interview clothing.

Make sure you print off a few of your resumes and be ready. Head over to Tascosa High School from 4pm - 6pm and start your journey.

AISD Job Openings

They have a lot of positions open. You have maintenance experience they have positions for you. How about wanting to work in child nutrition? Check. They are even looking for bus drivers.

Maybe you just want to get outside and work on the upkeep of the schools. They are looking for groundskeepers too. Of course all of the positions have a different pay rate but they are all paying above minimum wage. So that is a good start.

credit: AISD
credit: AISD

So if you have been thinking about making a change. You just needed some kind of direction. This could be exactly what you have been looking for. The chance to attend the Amarillo ISD Job fair and take your future into your own hands. Now is your time to do just that.

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