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Center City Of Amarillo Wants To Honor Your Graduate
We all know that the graduates this year have encountered an interesting school year. They have all missed out on a regular graduations. They have been able to have virtual graduations that started with them at a location social distancing. Amarillo is trying to do all they can to make the Class of 2020 feel special.
Guns On School Grounds
Highland Park School District recently passed a program that will allow some faculty members to carry a concealed weapon on school grounds.
Which Amarillo & Canyon School Has The MOST School Spirit? [POLL]
Over the season, myself and Tommy the Hacker have been to pretty much every single school there is to do a pep rally.  We've seen the best and worst of them, and in all actuality, there were no "worse".  We were seriously impressed by the amount of school spirit we saw over the past few months!  But what school has the most school spirit?