Relationships can be tough. People handle break-ups in different ways to get over the pain. But cutting your life short is definitely not the right way out!  Model Gabrielle Joseph, known as Gabby, died hours after a boy cancelled a date in a text message. Why would people rather break-up or cancel a date over text message. That to me sounds like they are lying or just a coward.

The young teenage  model suffered multiple injuries after jumping from a platform in front of a train at the local station. Gabby, described as normally bubbly and outgoing, was distressed when the boy called off a date to go to the cinema over a text message

Her father Terry said:

"she looked groggy and pale on the day of her death."

Hours before her suicide, college student Gabby, wrote a three-page message on Facebook.

At 5.01pm Gabby also posted the "kill myself" message to her pal. She hurled herself in front of the train at 9.30pm.

The family was left devastated by the loss of Gabrielle and never expected this from the aspiring young model. So next time you wanna break-up or cancel a date with someone over text, I suggest for you to MAN UP and do it in person, so that you make sure that the person you hurt is left in a good state of mind or it's left on good terms.