Imagine enjoying the beach with your family when a suspicious package floats ashore.  Well,  that has been happening in Galveston all weekend.

It isn't unusual for a package of drugs to wash onto the beach every now and then.  Police say that drug cartels usually sink their shipments for others to pick up.  The buoy can sometimes get lose and the shipment washes away.  It eventually finds a beach.

But this past week, officials say the shore has seen way more than usual.  The Galveston Police recovered 66 pounds of cocaine today, making this their 6th shipment to wash up this week.

They are saying that it is do to all the rain.  The Houston ship channel has been restricted leaving many ships stuck off shore.  The Coast Guard and Customs and Border Protection have since increased the ship searches.  They think a lot of the ships have thrown the drugs overboard to be in the clear.

The cocaine found today was stamped with a dolphin.  The Galveston police say that indicates the shipment belongs to the Gulf Cartel.

My question is, if it wasn't for the rain all these drugs would have made it into the US. Do you think our customs need to do a better job?

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