When it comes to single mom's I really have respect for them because in most cases the single moms usually play the daddy role that's if  the father is not around. Angel Adams mother of 15 kids and 3 different fathers. The single mom and  13 of her kids were living in a single room motel due to being evicted from her home for non-pay. Angel Adams has received lots of help from multiple local service groups.

After 1 of the baby daddies went to jail she no longer received help from him and everything went down hill for her. She now claims that - she's not sure who- but someone needs to take responsibility.

“Somebody needs to pay for all my children and my – for all my suffering. Somebody needs to be held accountable, and they need to pay.”


After watching this video makes me a little upset because of what her kids are probably going thru! So may questions I have...Why is she not trying to work? Whatever happened to Birth Control or Condoms! Maybe they should have tied her tubes after so may kids, so that there is no suffering to all of her 15 kids.

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