Since we are right around the corner from Halloween I though maybe you guys would like to see this creepy video. With all the weird things that have been happening at the Kiss Fm studio we thought we'd want to find out the truth about our building. Do we have a ghost here at the Kiss Fm station? We called out the guys from Palo Duro Area Paranormal Society to do a little investigation on our building. It's been said that out building used to be a dentist office and someone years ago was murdered here.

I've been working here for almost 7 years now and I've heard strange things thru-out the night when I used to work the night-shift. With the help of the Palo Duro Area Paranormal Society team they set up their equipment in our basement. One of their instruments was a normal flashlight standing up in the middle of the floor turned off. The asked if there was a spirit was present and the flashlight would turn on by itself.

This is NOT FAKE and the video has not been messed with this a real footage. The flashlight flashing on and off was creepy...But what happened after one of the questions asked by a team member to the spirit really SCARED the Crap out of me!!!!!


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