Here's some phrases that only people in the panhandle will know and out of towners will have no clue what your talking about.

Feel free to add more phrases that we might have missed.


1. Are you going to the Rope-a-Ho?

meaning - Are you going to Midnight Rodeo?

2. Is that the smell of money?

meaning - feedlot

3. We're playing at "The Dick" tonight.

meaning -  Sporting events at Dick Bivins stadium

4. Lets go grab a dog at "TnT"

meaning - grab a hot dog at Toot n Totum

5. Hey lets go get a Huds!

meaning - Lets go over to Huds (local fast-food joint for a breakfast burrito)

6. I'm wrestling over at "The Rock" tonight.

meaning - wrestle match at Caprock Highschool

7. Blow Sand Blow!

meaning - The fight chant for the Amarillo Highschool Sandies

8. Let's sink our teeth into 72oz.

meaning - Try the 72oz steak challenge at The Big Texan

9. "Canyon E-Way"

meaning - referring to I-27 highway

10. Grubbing down a Sharky's

meaning - eating burrito from Sharky's

11. I'm headed to IBP

meaning - Im going to work at Tyson

12. Let's go see "Texas!"

meaning - we are gonna go to the play/ production of " Texas" in Palo Duro Canyon!

13. I'm from the "RILLO"

meaning - I am from Amarillo



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