Spring Break has always been a time for teens and young adults to go and party and have a great time.  However, it seems that might be changing.

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As we end our Spring Break here in the Texas Panhandle, I ran across some interesting information about how parents are planning more Spring Break blowouts!

In my head I still see my parents and I'm thinking, well good for them, but then I realize that this particular study is talking about me. ME, and my generation.   So I get it now why more and more parents are taking their own Spring Breaks.

A study done by FamilyDestinationsGuide.com found that 2 in 3 parents here in Texas planned their own spring break.  That's 63% of Texas parents.

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'It's not just students who need a break after the past couple of years,' says Rose Ackermann, Executive Editor at FamilyDestinationsGuide.com. 'Mom and Dad deserve a bit of fun of their own, too! Hopefully without as much alcohol involved as their kids though!'

Apparently males or dads are more likely to be the ones who want to get out of town and party.

The top destinations for parents who want to Spring Break are:

South Padre Island - this is obviously to relive Spring Breaks of the past.

Key West Florida - they can actually afford to travel and go to Key West, I mean they are adults settled and know how to save money (hopefully).

Cancun, Mexico - Doesn't everyone want to go to Cancun at least once?  All inclusive!

Las Vegas, Nevada -They finally have their poker face down, and who doesn't love a good concert. Oh and "What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas".

Panama City, Florida - Beaches and good food, enough said.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - For the Spring Breaking parents that have already been to Cancun.

Miami, Florida - It just sounds good and they have beaches and art stuff and it's Miami.  I guarantee, they'll be singing Will Smith's Miami as they are driving down the road.

The way I see it, is Spring Break is for everyone not just the young college kids.  So if you are a Gen X'er, or a older Millennial or even a Baby Boomer, get out and party for Spring Break.  Get on the bar and dance, and have a blast.

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