The Texas Panhandle Craft Beerfest is coming up on Saturday, August 20th and there will be a special craft beer available to sample.  We are so excited to have a chance to feature this rare craft beer.

For those of you who know your beer, especially your craft beer, you know about a special beer brewed by Samuel Adams.  This beer is called Utopias.  It has been the most sought-after beer.


They first released Utopias in 2002 and have only created and brewed 9 batches since the first release.

This isn't just any beer, this isn't a beer you chug, or just drink.  This beer was meant to be savored and enjoyed.  The beer is uncarbonated which means you won't find those tiny little bubbles.

Your nose will find flavor aromas such as wood, toffee, cocoa, raisin and maple.  You will taste the flavors of molasses, earth wood, dates, and nuts and toffee.

A flavor profile unlike any other.

A beer unlike any other.

This year's Utopias contains and alcohol level of 28%.  Again this beer is meant to be savored.  It is usually served in a snifter glass in a 2 oz pour.

This is one of the added experiences for our VIPS at The Texas Panhandle Craft Beerfest.  Only a small sampling will be available and once it is gone, it is gone.

This beer costs anywhere from $300 - $500 a bottle.



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