It was a tough year for restaurant owners here in Amarillo. I know that Amarillo has already lost some of its shine and it is happening in Canyon too.

We do have a lot of places to eat in our area. I think that is what makes it so hard to decide where to go when dining out. We get some new places and we all line up out the door to try it right away. The problem is that unless the place impresses us it may be the first and last stop there.

The soaring food prices sure haven't helped either. There are some places that closed down after a long struggle with profit margins and fluctuating overhead. Aside from high prices and low profit, some restaurants closed down due to the owner heading into a well deserved retirement, like Oscar's and Frank's Bakery.

I hate seeing any place close and I hate to see people out of work. And more than anything, I hate knowing that I'll never get the chance to try that one dish on the menu.

With all that said, join me on this trip to the ones we have lost so far this year.

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