One of the most beautiful things about Christmas time, is driving around and looking at all the Christmas Lights.   Amarillo is full of beautiful brightly lit houses.  However, one neighborhood has been lit up for decades.

It's always been a tradition in my family to load up the kids, the dogs, and stop and get hot chocolate and pupiccinos and take a 12 minute drive to Bishop Hills.   It's changed a little big over the years, however, it is still big and bright and beautiful.

Here's some videos of Bishop Hills over the years.






Don't' forget if you head out to Bishop Hills this holiday season take your old glasses because the Amarillo Lions Club will be taking them as well as monetary donations.

The Bishop Hills Christmas lights start on December 3rd - 25th.

In case you were wondering what Bishop Hills looks like in the daylight here you go.

LOOK: This "Amarillo Pictorial" is an Amazing Collection of Historical Photos!

Wow. Just wow.

Robbi McDaniel Rivers dug up this incredible magazine published in 1931. You'll find the many Amarillo buildings and landmarks that you know and love--they're brand new in these photos!


Downtown Amarillo Over The Years

Downtown Amarillo has seen an incredible metamorphosis. Take a look at the photos below to see just how much it's changed--you won't believe the difference.

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