What's more frightening than a snake? How about a snake in your kitchen? How about a snake in your kitchen that's really hungry?

A snake slithered into the kitchen of a Charlotte, North Carolina home and helped itself to an egg, which it swallowed whole in a scene that is sure to leave you bug-eyed.

Laura Neff told WBTV said the snake was at least four feet long.

We armed ourselves with brooms, Robert [her husband] opened the window, and it took us about 15 minutes to nudge/cajole/encourage it far enough out the window that we could get its bulk under the brooms and heft it all the way out."

Laura and Robert say the snake, which was not angry or aggressive, most likely got into their home through a hole in the floor of their laundry room, which has since been covered up.

Hopefully, that will prevent any more surprises from showing up at the kitchen table.

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