Is this fact or fiction?  I don't know, but it sure is creepy!  They're calling this a "mutant stretch demon".  It's caught on video, climbing down what appears to be an apartment building.  Watch this video, and tell me if you think it's real or fake.

I'm not usually one to jump to conclusions and call something real or fake without doing my homework.  So I'm just putting this out there for you to decide.

The poster of the video goes by CourageousNerd on YouTube.  I checked him out, and he seems to be a bit of a conspiracy theorist.  Doesn't mean he spoofed this video, does mean he accuses the government and others of "cover ups". It also doesn't mean he's trying to push or scare any religion on anyone.  So we can assume he genuinely found this video and decided to share it.  However, the source of the video is still unknown.

It could be computer animation, but you never know!  I always like to say "anything is possible"!

Is this a fake?  Is this something that was prophesied in the Bible?  Any thoughts on it you want to share?