So earlier tonight Cadillac Cruz Dj for Blake & Kiss Fm stormed into the studio yanking me off the air to hear what was going on outside.

Now I've heard of incidents like this going on all across the world. This was the creepiest thing I have ever heard! A strange noise coming from the sky since it was dark we couldn't really figure out what it was.

It definitely did not sound like a plane. There has been reports of this strange noise in the sky all across the planet and people have been posting their videos of it on YouTube.


Now tell me that isn't FREAKY! Did anyone else hear this? Is this a sign of the "End Of The World". Some people are saying its the earths core releasing a magnetic pulse and the sky acts like a sound barrier making strange noises. They also say this phenomena is common every 13,000 years.

Did anyone else in Amarillo,Texas hear this and video off of their phone? If so please send us the video.

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