Who is your favorite member of One Direction? If you answered anyone other than Harry Styles, your opinion is likely misinformed. Not only is Harry charismatic and talented, but he continues to interact kindly with fans who engage him in conversation at non-media related events — something he really doesn't have to do anymore!

Harry recently went beyond your average impromptu meet and greet, paying for a fan's meal just moments after humoring her and her sister with a photo. When will your fave be as kind? (Please do not provide receipts of your fave being just as kind, because this post is about Harry. He alone deserves the attention.)

Twitter user @94alwayshes wrote about her recent encounter with Harry in a series of excited tweets. After several declarations that she had “JUST MET HARRY” and “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT HAPPENED," she went into further detail, immediately dropping the bombshell that “HARRY PAYED FOR OUR FOOD WHAT THE F—K.”

It remains unclear as to what, exactly, inspired Harry to demonstrate such good will toward a stranger, but it wouldn't be the first time: He once helped a fan calm down from a panic attack, but Harry's mere presence likely incited it in the first place, so maybe that doesn't count in quite the same way?

The fan further reports that Harry "spoke a bit of Spanish with my dad," and though he doesn’t always look it, Harry apparently “smells really good.”

Are you surprised by Harry's generosity? Do you ever have thoughts of falling casually in front of his expensive car as he drives by you, in the hopes he'll pay for your medical expenses? Do you wish he would pay off a chunk of your student loans like Taylor Swift did that one time? Let us know in the comments below.

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