[Video] Netflix Is Still Watching You
D.B. has two scary stories for you today. First the tale of a doctor that leaves a little something from him, inside of you! Also, Netflix is still watching you. But they might have found someone who likes it.
Jubal's Phone Tap: Tainted Fish
Usually, you get bad news from the doctor. But today this guy is getting bad news from Jubal because he shouldn’t have eaten that fish he purchased from the grocery store and now things are gonna get bad.
Baby In Womb Clapping Hands During Ultrasound [VIDEO]
This is the craziest thing I have ever seen! Usually, you need the doctor to show you exactly where your baby is in the picture. This couple could see their baby clearly in the ultrasound but it's what their baby was doing surprised everyone in the Dr's room. In ...
Bad Doctor Banned for Prescribing Gay ‘Cure’
There is no “cure” for homosexuality, but that did not stop an Australian doctor from reaching into his bag of voodoo tricks and pulling out a prescription for some strange drug he claimed would rid a young man of his gay urges.