D.B. has two scary stories for you today. First the tale of a doctor that leaves a little something from him, inside of you! Also, Netflix is still watching you. But they might have found someone who likes it.

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The Doctor Was Here

You know when you were a kid at some point in your life you wrote your name on a bathroom wall or on a desk at your school. This one man waited till he was done medical school to do it. Simon Bramhall is a 53 old liver, spleen, and pancreas surgeon who in 2013 made his mark on two patients. He left his initials on both of their livers. It was discovered in 2014 he did it and he is currently in court.

Credit: Netflix

Netflix Is Still Checking Up On You

When I guy was in a funk this past Summer, he wanted to do one thing. Just laugh it off. So he decided to watch all the seasons of The Office. He did it in just 5 days. Netflix was worried about him and sent him an email asking if he was ok. The man said he was happy that Netflix was concern about him.