Love triangle leaves one person dead. Plastic surgeon Dr. Dixon from Amarillo has been arrested, along with another suspect David Neal Shepard who was hired to murder another Doctor out of Lubbock. Dr. Sonnier’s  was dating Dixon’s ex-girlfriend. Dixon gave Shepard 3 silver bars to murder Sonnier. The bars are worth about $3,000 each.

Dixon, an Amarillo plastic surgeon, was transported from Amarillo by Lubbock sheriff deputies and booked into the Lubbock County Criminal Detention Center about 4:30 p.m. Monday.

If you happened to see Lubbock police here in Amarillo it's because they are conducting on search warrants and interviewing people connected with Dixon and Shepard. This is so crazy because I have met Dr. Dixon a couple of times, and Dixon had made a contribution a couple years back to the "Kiss Fm's Christmas Wish-list" to help out families for Christmas time. Also looking at the picture of David Shepard I have met him as well at a local bar downtown on Polk st.

David Shepard told Amarillo police"

“David Shepard stated that he had shot Dr. Sonnier several times after coming in through a window,” the document states. “David Shepard described what was used to muffle the sound of the gunshots. What David Shepard described was consistent with what was found at the crime scene.”

The document states Shepard’s roommate told police Shepard tried to commit suicide by cutting his wrist after July 12 or 13. It says Dixon sewed up Shepard’s wounds, told him to calm down and suggested he leave for a couple of weeks.

WOW! This is some crazy news...

Lubbock Detective Zach Johnson interviewed Sonnier’s girlfriend the day his body was found, the document said, adding “she stated that Thomas Michael Dixon insisted on still seeing her, even though she was dating Dr. Sonnier.”

Also one of Sonnier’s co-workers said Sonnier had said “his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend would not leave her alone.”

On June 15th David Shepard sold a silver bar to a Amarillo pawn shop for $2,750.

David Shepard's roommate and friend of 30 years was interviewed by Amarillo/Lubbock police, and documents said:

Shepard had been watching Sonnier for weeks and had been in the pathologist’s back yard.

Shepard text messaged Dixon several times while watching Sonnier.

Shepard said he received the gun from Dixon.

I don't now about you but for 3 silver bars that equals to be worth $9000.00 in cash is not worth taking out someones life! This is story sounds like stuff you see on TV. Seems like I seen an episode like this on CSI. My Prayers go to all the families who have been affected by this.

Have you ever met Dr. Dixon? Bet you never seen this coming!


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