Glow-in-the-Dark Roads Will Be Here Soon
Everything awesome usually debuts in Europe first (except for football, Buffalo wings and Kate Upton). The latest innovation that Europeans will have long before Americans: glow-in-the-dark roads, which will debut in The Netherlands in mid-2013.
Amanda Bynes Got Pulled Over, Again
Amanda Bynes was pulled over again last night for driving without her headlights on.  Despite the fact she was driving without headlights, and driving with a suspended license for DUI and hitting a police car, the cops gave her a warning, and she drove off, again, without a license.  Did I use enoug…
Man Gets Jumped After Road Rage Incident
Everyone at least once has dealt with road rage. Some deal with it by flipping the bird to others, or you might get the yelling at the other person with the window rolled up, and sometimes you might get the ride my A#% type of person!

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