Guy Makes Homeade Laser Shotgun [VIDEO]
You can tell this guy payed attention to science class because this dude is a genius. This is not just your average laser gun this guy made a laser shotgun It's so powerful it could light wood on fire and even blow things up!
Real 'Toy' Shotgun
I think we are living in a world that just keeps getting scarier and scarier.  I say this because of the things people are doing.  Since when was it a smart idea to take a gun and make it look like a toy.  That has to be one of the most insane things to do.
Three Charged, One Arrested In July Amarillo Robbery
Amarillo police have charged 3, with 1 arrest, in the robbery from July 17th, 2013.  Chihuahua Motors at 1210 S Grand in Amarillo was victim of an armed robbery, where shots were fired.  Thankfully, the shots missed the intended victim, and the suspect has been arrested.
Cory Gunz Speaks on His Recent Gun Arrest
Rapper Cory Gunz is remorseful after being arrested Saturday (Jan. 28) for gun possession. As we reported earlier, the Young Money hotshot was busted by police in his native Bronx, N.Y. neighborhood with a loaded .9mm handgun. Cory was released Monday morning (Jan. 30) after his dad, rapper Peter Gu…