I feel like I am a constant fixture at two places near my house. I live at Market Street United and the Walgreens on Georgia. Those are my go-to places. Just stopping at those two places can get me anything I need for the week.
I was at Walgreens on Saturday....I went back again yesterday. In between those two days something changed. I noticed an area of the front boarded up. I wondered what had happened. Neither of the doors were damaged. Just this middle window area.
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
So as I left I asked the cashier. She said they got broken into over the weekend. Come on Amarillo. We can do better! We can. I hate that people think they need to steal. It just hurts us consumers in the end. Someone has to take the hit. It is usually us in higher prices.
We continued to talk and I asked what was stolen. Apparently some electronics. This guy had broken into three places before hitting my beloved Walgreens.
They got him on video. Of course he was all Covid ready and was wearing a mask and gloves. Ugh! Apparently they kind of know who he is. He usually steals cigarettes but they now don’t keep the cartons up front. That is why he moved on to the  electronics area.
If you have any idea who “he” is I would love to know. I mean this is my place. My home stop. I don’t want them broken into anymore. Contact someone. Let’s get this guy off the streets. Or at least teach him that crime doesn't pay.

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