As I watch UFO videos on YouTube I discovered there have been a handful of possible UFO sightings here in Amarillo. People have posted their videos on YouTube for the world to see. When I used to do the night show, I remember getting a few calls within the last few years where people were reporting a weird object being seen in the skies over Amarillo.

So this spurred me do a little investigating myself. Is Amarillo a hot-spot for UFOs? USA Today put out a top 10 list of states with the most UFO sightings and Roswell, New Mexico didn't even make the list. Texas was 7th on the list of states with the most UFO sightings. I dug deeper on-line to see what cities in Texas have the most reported UFO action. You can see in the map below that there are quite a few reports from right in our area.

UFO Sighting Reports Per Capita | FindTheHome


Here are some more videos I found on-line. Some of these videos came from people who have reported witnessing UFOs flying over the skies of Amarillo. So, are we a hot-spot? Have you ever witnessed a UFO and did you get video? We would love to see it if you did.


UFO Sighting #1


UFO Sighting #2


UFO Sighting #3


UFO Sighting #4

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