You have probably seen a lot of celebrities posting video of them doing push ups.  It is a challenge to help bring awareness to a very great cause.

The 22 Push Up Challenge isn't a new trend, but it is just now catching steam.  The challenge was created by the 22 Kill Foundation.  The purpose is to bring awareness to the fact that 22 veterans committed suicide each day.  Twenty two.  That is 7,400 veterans a year.

Recently, the Department of Veteran Affairs lowered the number to 20, but the 22 Kill Foundation's ultimate goal is to bring that number down to zero.

The challenge is for you to do 22 push ups and then challenge someone else to do them as well.  Recently, it has gone viral with all kinds of celebrities like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Chris Evans, John Krasinski and more participating in the challenge.

I, personally, find the number of suicides shocking.  These men and women put their lives on the line for us every time they put on their uniform and yet they are dealing with issues alone.

If doing 22 push ups helps us bring enough awareness to save one solider, it is worth it.  Together we can help educate the public and help get our veterans the help they need to deal with PTSD or other issues they are having.

I agree with 22 Kill, let's bring the number down to zero.

Here is video of a few celebrities doing their push ups!

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