I have made several stops in Tulia. Mainly for work related issues. I will tell you if you haven't stopped at the El Camino while you are there or driving through you are missing out.

The two things I love about Tulia is the El Camino and the fact that they are the home to Keeter's Meat Company. When I make a trip to United I always grab a couple packages of the jalapeno or green chili sausage. It's that dang good. I have heard their beef jerky is good too. I may have to find some to try.

So let's go back to El Camino. Have you been? We made a trip to Tulia several years back at work and this is when I was introduced to the restaurant. It looks like any small town diner. Oh but don't let that fool ya.

What Should You Get to Eat When You Go?

They have some killer enchilada's. Actually there isn't anything that I have had there that was bad. So I am a fan. There nachos are probably one of my favorite things to get.

I love that fact that it is a small town place. Those are usually the best places to go to. Any time we take a trip to a small surrounding town we always check with the locals, once we get there, to find out where we need to try.

You can check out their menu HERE.

They are the ones who know. So when we are told multiple times about a restaurant they end up being our go-to. So if you ever make the trip to Tulia I think you should give El Camino a try. I have yet to be disappointed.

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