Your telling me a story about poop is full of crap?  What!?!  So yesterday, I hit you with the story of Rossie Brovent, a woman who is suing tattoo artist and ex-boyfriend Ryan Fitzjerald for inking a pile of poop on her back instead of a scene from Narnia as she wanted.  Well the Smoking Gun reports that the story is a fake.

What news is fake?  If there's one thing I've learned you gotta believe everything you hear on the news, especially the weather and stories like this one!  But alas, we have been tricked yet again!  I blame myself for this, you can blame it on the al-uh-uh-al-al-alcohol.

Smoking Gun reports that not only is the story a fake, but the photo first surfaced 18 months ago!  (The Smoking Gun)

The photo appears legitimate. In fact, it first surfaced online about 18 months ago as part of a “Worst Tattoo of the Day” post on the blog I Am Bored.

The image reappeared this week--complete with a backstory about the fractured love of “Rossie” and “Ryan”--on a sketchy “weird news” web site that appears to be dedicated to ginning up its Googe AdSense impressions.

A review of court indices, of course, shows no such civil complaint has ever been filed (either in federal or state court) by “Brovent.” James Druber, administrator of the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court (where Dayton residents file their six-figure complaints), said that he had heard nothing about the purported tattoo lawsuit.

Additionally, a review of the Nexis database turns up no “Rossie Brovent,” or, in fact, anyone with that surname. And a search for “Ryan Fitzjerald” (with or without the middle initial “L”) turns up nobody with that name.

Records for Dayton and Montgomery County show no evidence that “Fitzjerald” (or “Fitzgerald”) has been licensed as a tattoo parlor operator or employee, according to Alan Pierce, an official with the Public Health department.

What an elaborate viral story and if this proves anything, it proves the power of the internet!  The power to spread news be it true or false.  It's completely shifted the way we send and receive information and the speed at which it travels.  This made it around the world and got cracked by The Smoking Gun in less then a day!

If we're going to spend our days getting lied to, why cant we start doing a little lying of our own?  For instance, try this one on for size.  A mechanic is being sued for charging a woman $1,000 to fix her car.  He told her it had mechanical issues with the engines cylinder head, but actually it was out of gas and he just filled it back up.

Sounds believable right?

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