Who is Natalie Wood and why is she such a hot topic right now?  Boys and girls gather round for story time.  Natalie was an actress who started at the tender young age of 4 and became a famous child actress for films like Miracle on 34th Street.  She went on to be a success working along huge names like James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause.  Then, November 29th, 1981, Wood drowned near Santa Catalina Island, California.  Here we are 30 years later and the case has now been reopened by L.A. authorities with new information about the case.

Homicide detectives are taking another look into the drowning of the 3 time Oscar nominee.  Reportedly her death was an accident, she was partying with her husband Robert Wagner and fellow actor Christopher Walken when she fell over board the yacht they were on and drown.  Of course tabloids sparked rumors of foul play, but her husband and sister insisted there was no foul play involved.

So what's new in the case? (Fox News)

A yacht captain said Friday that he lied to authorities about Natalie Wood's mysterious death, and blames the late actress' husband, Robert Wagner, for her drowning off the coast of Southern California.

Thirty years after her drowning was ruled an accident, a homicide investigation has been opened in the death of the Oscar-nominated actress.

No other news has been released at the time, but when it does expect a storm.  Walken was contacted by the Associated Press but calls have not been returned.  I'll definitely keep you posted on this as the details come in!

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