I discovered something in Amarillo last week that caused me some concern. I do a lot of shopping here in Amarillo. Come on face it we all do. We also get into our habits. We shop at certain places for certain reasons. Am I right?

So I shop A LOT at Market Street United and at the Walgreens on Georgia. They are just so much closer to my house. So the construction on Georgia right now causes me some headache. It's just my most visited area.

When I need to get a lot of household stuff and such I make a trip over to the Walmart on Georgia. When my daughter was younger that was actually my go-to place. It was closer to where I was living to then and they had something that as a single mom helped me oh so much.

They had a McDonald's. Come on what single mom didn't keep McDonald's in their back pocket? I tell you I am not sure I could convince my young four year old to go grocery shopping without the promise of chicky-chicky-fry-fry. That is what she called a kids chicken McNugget Happy Meal.

When you have to get stuff done and you are at your wits end promising a meal while you are shopping is a lifesaver. Imagine my surprise when I stopped by the Walmart on Georgia last week to notice they were closed.

I mean they were not closed for the day. They were closed closed. Like looking for a new tenant. I am not sure when they closed down but upon noticing that my first text was to my daughter. How would I have survived back in the day without them?

I sure hope they get someone equally cool in the store. I promise they are the saving grace of single mom's needing to get their shopping done for the week. Those of us that didn't have people to help.

I can tell you that I am in mourning even with a grown child.

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