Every one of us wants to feel like our home is something unique and special. That's easy to accomplish when you consider this home in Borger, TX.

This unique home has a lot of history to it. It used to be an Ice house.

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What The Heck Is An Ice House?

In Texas, as I'm finding out, an ice house is a place that was used to store ice all year long. These places had special insulation to help them get the job done.

After refrigeration became a widely spread thing, these places turned into community centers and bars...for the most part.

This one became a home.

Joy Don Rush, Re/Max Town & Country via Realtor.com
Joy Don Rush, Re/Max Town & Country via Realtor.com

What It Lacks In Square Footage It Makes Up For In Charm

Seriously, I would consider shoving all four of my kids and two dogs into this place if the opportunity were to present itself. The main reason is that the lots are pretty big, so there's room to play with. That, and the balcony.

I love the balcony.

Also, the family room looks cozy enough. There's even a full RV hookup in the back of the property.

Don't forget that fence. That fence just screams, "invite only."

Joy Don Rush, Re/Max Town & Country via Realtor.com
Joy Don Rush, Re/Max Town & Country via Realtor.com

You'd Always Be Near All Of The "Action"

...or as much action as "the heart of downtown Borger" actually sees. The neighborhood honestly looks pretty quiet. In all honesty, there isn't much surrounding the property that would cause any major problems, as far as I can tell.

Check out the full gallery of photos below to see more of the Borger ice house turned cozy home.

Looking For A Unique Home Sweet Home? Check Out Borger's ICE House.

This home is actually a piece of Borger's history. It's a redesigned ICE house.

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Located at 1618 S. Van Buren, the home is listed with Burgundi Thurman of ReMax Town & Country. One can only hope that someone who appreciates owning a piece of history will be the lucky one to call this place their new home.

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