It's that time of year. The "big game" is on the horizon. Don't let yourself get stuck scammed out of money and standing in the parking lot.

According to the BBB (Better Business Bureau), over 300 reports were made regarding ticket scams last year. Those tickets were for everything from sporting events to theaters.

The BBB encourages you to follow these tips to make sure you don't get scammed as many big events are coming up:


  • 1

    Purchase From The Venue

    Use the official ticket sales agent whenever possible. Many offer secondary sales options.

  • 2

    Think About The Source

    Know who you are buying from. Brokers are accredited resellers. Ticket scalpers are unregulated and unlicensed. Scammers selling straight up fraudulent tickets.

  • 3

    Check Out The Seller

    You can always do a search on Check if the seller is a member of the NATB (National Association of Ticket Brokers). Do a search on

  • 4

    Buy From Trusted Vendors

    When you buy online, buy from vendors you know and trust. Look for the trusty lock icon in the address bar of your browser. Don't use emails or online ads. These are often scam tactics.

  • 5

    Know The Refund Policy

    Only purchase from a seller that has a clear description of the terms of the transaction. You should know where your seats will be, and know when you will get the tickets.

  • 6

    Pay With Protection

    The BBB recommends always using a credit card so there is "recourse" if there is an issue with your tickets.

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