In the last year we have became close friends with Carla Contreras. This young woman has been fighting leukemia but you would never tell because she always has a smile on her face.

Carla not only is a fighter but she is a huge giver to. She has put on many fundraisers and raised money to buy medical toys and equipment for other kids. She has found a place in all of our hearts. One of my favorite moments was when I invited her to be on the show and asked her if she has ever shaved a Dj's head. So we got some clippers and allowed her to go to town on my head! She loved it and so did we. Carla recently has been admitted into the hospital due to pneumonia. We all know Carla is a fighter and with her being in the hospital she is not aloud to have visitors. So we decided to get some of her closest friends and record a get well and see ya soon video. Please keep Carla in your prayers. Carla from everyone here at Kiss Fm we love you!

Get well and see ya soon video for Carla



Carla & Hacker having a little fun in Kiss studio


 This is Carla telling everyone Hi and that she's a fighter!


 Here's a message from Suzanne from Coffee Memorial:

"I know that it is Christmas and everyone is busy but this little girl needs some encouragement to keep fighting! Please take a moment (at your earliest convenience) to send a card or inspirational note to Carla Contreras, NWTHS -- PICU, 1501 S. Coulter, Amarillo, Texas 79106. Let's overwhelm her with love and support so that she knows she is not alone in this battle...especially here at the holidays! She can't have visitors and it's always fun to get mail so I hope that you will help create some sunshine for this little fighter! In advance, thanks so much!"

Dear Lord, please help me achieve the dreams I have worked so hard for, and let me inspire others to do the same.

Believe - Mark 11:24