So call me HERO, or some might call me a !@#$ but at the end of the day I'm feeling  really BAD. So today I was at a store who's name I will keep confidential doing my grocery shopping. As I hit the meat section deciding on what meat I want to buy, I notice this little old lady who was driving one of them handicapped grocery carts who wore clothes that looked like they had not been washed in days, and might I add she had broken glasses.

She was shopping in the same section as me. I had this odd feeling she kept staring at me, not in a way that she was checking me out but in a way that she was up to something. So I proceeded to go to the other side of the aisle. As she thought I had left I glanced over and noticed she had grabbed a pound of ground beef and shoved it into her pursue. I was in complete shock and told myself. Did she just steal that meat?

So what did Tommy the Hacker do...Yes me being the good samaritan I walked to customer service and reported the lady in to security. They did not believe me till they checked there tape on camera. 15 minutes later APD arrived and they wheeled the lady off in handcuffs as she cried the whole way into the patrol car. Minutes later I found out she was 80 years old!

At the time I felt like I was the Hero Of The Day but now as I sit here I feel so bad, because of the thought that she probably needed that meat bad and also because Amarillo probably has the oldest lady in custody right now..

What would of you done? Do you think if the tables were turned around would have she turned you in...


So after feeling bad I called the store to get updated on the the 80 year old shoplifter and come to find out not only did they find meat in her purse but they also found a bunch of make-up she had 5 finger discounted..So now I dont feel so horrible..

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