I'm not a mom, but I am 100% guilty of doing this to my children, are you?

A recent study published by the New York Post, surveyed moms across the country in regards to one of the most important things in a household... The snacks.

What they found, kind of blew my mind a little bit, because it's not just at the expense of the children, but also their significant others.

Do you have any great snacks that you want all to yourself? Certain snacks that you don't want either the hubby or the kiddo finding and eating?

You're not alone. This study found that two-thirds of all moms literally hide the best snacks from their kids and husband. The top--rated snacks were chips, candy, cookies, fruit, nuts, popcorn, crackers, ice cream, yogurt, and pretzels. The top hiding spots were either in the bed or in the car.

What do you think moms, are you guilty?


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