Crazy!  We had  "strange lights" here in the Rillo like a week ago right, well now hundreds of thousands of people spot some in Chicago over the weekend!  Reports say the lights were orange & blinking, and flying in unison over the city.  Of cours it's being reported that it was not aliens, but instead lamps that we're lit and sent up to honor victims of child abuse?  First that makes no sense, and we didn't even get that excuse till a today, a few days after!  Why do they not just be straight with us!?  They need to just come out and say it!  It was ALIENS!  Why do they think we can't handle the truth?  I'm starting to hate the government.  Anywho, thoughts?  Ideas?  What do you think it was?  If you go to youtube and search "ufo chicago" you can see some pretty cool footage of it!