Friday night I'm at the fair and everything is all normal, then all of the sudden out of nowhere 2 lights show up in the sky.  Everyone's eyes focus on the lights as they appear to be moving towards us.  Memories of the satellite that was earth bound enter our minds and the speculation is that they miscalculated the time it was actually entering the Earth's atmosphere.  Then, things begin to get a little weird.  Despite the irregularities of the event, official word is that the orbs seen were balloons launched by NASA from a facility in Fort Sumner, NM.  But let me take you where I was standing with Angel Dee at the fair where for a split second citizens were on the brink of chaos.

Here's how it began when we noticed the 2 orbs in the sky the assumption that it was the satellite breaking into 2 pieces as it fell was pretty acceptable so we all shrugged it off.  It looked just like this, kinda how you would expect it to look.  (my apologies all I had to takes pics with was my phone)










Pretty normal, or at least as normal as you would expect this to be.  The orb in that was further away was harder for my camera to pic up but here's a peek at it.  Notice though it's the same thing, all very expected for a lack of better words.  And then things started to get weird.










It started to changed colors as you can see but this actually came as another expected thing.  We figured it's heating up as it tries to penetrate the thick layers in the atmosphere so shrugged it off as any alien matter and just kept gazing at it because it was a spectacular sight to see!








Now we're still thinking this thing is the satellite because we actually didn't find out till way after the fact that it wasn't the satellite.  Then my phone started giving me errors.  The error was Radio Interface Resource Shortage.  Something I had never seen before.  So I'm thinking these crashing satellites are messing with my signal.  Then other people start telling me their phones are messing up.  Angel and I were doing a break live on the radio talking to Tommy The Hacker when our AT&T 3G stick just up and quit.  Leaving Tommy saying "Hello?  Uh Hello?  I think the satellite just took Angel & Dallas".  The 3G stick was down, my phone wasn't working but Angel's was so we called the hotline immediately and Tommy got us back on the air.  I swear on everything while we were live on the air via cell phone the Ferris wheel stopped in mid ride.  Lights went out, went down for like 20 seconds and then just powered back on.  Tommy said the lights at the radio station went out as well.  Okay so we have rides not working, power outages, cell phones on the fritz, 3G internet towers completely shutting down and all this due to a satellite crashing as far as we know.

When I met Tommy at Mulligan's and he informed me that it wasn't the satellite I freaked out!  It took a while but Globe News finally posted something on their website saying it was balloons launched from the Fort Sumner but when we checked the local papers there nothing was said about it.  So it was just all really really weird.  I mean people were actually asking me if I knew where the pay phone was?  I haven't seen somebody use a pay phone in like 10 years and no I had no idea where it was at!

With all that's been released about it now and all these new photos coming out that show it to clearly be a balloon I am still baffled.  Did these balloons do all this?  I mean this was a real issue!  And how are these balloons doing this and above all that do they know it causes this to happen?  Was it even the balloons that caused the freak accidents with cell phones and electricity at the fair?  I didn't imagine all this lots of people were witnessing all this happen along side me!  I'm not saying I don't believe what they say.  But then again I'm not saying I do either.  This was one of the craziest things I've ever experienced.  Now look at this (From Amarillo Globe News)

Scientists are studying the bursts and the particles that compose them to better understand particle acceleration, a “process that generates radiation and occurs throughout the universe — from Earth’s magnetic field (magnetosphere) to pulsars and black holes,” the University of New Hampshire said in a news release.

So were these balloons in fact causing the interference?  Magnetic fields?  To me, I am starting to think yes they did!  It kinda comes together I mean it's known that magnetic fields and pulses do this.  So I say Amarillo rest at ease.  This time they are actually telling us the truth on the subject.  Trust me I would be the 1st person to not believe them but with all this evidence I just have to say that the orbs were in fact what "they" are telling us.

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