Halloween is right around the corner, which means we're halfway through haunt season. One of my favorite parts of October is checking out all the haunted houses.

I'm a big fan and I check out all haunts. When it comes to haunted houses in Amarillo, they are very competitive here and people love to know who has the best haunt in town. Do you like the haunts that have amazing props, or do you like the haunted houses that have great actors? Haunted house owners and employees put a lot of work into their haunts and some even make it a all year round project. This year, there are 8 different haunted attractions to get scared at, from being stuffed in a coffin to being stuck in scary nightmares! Don't miss out some great scares this year and check out the haunted houses in town before it's too late.

If you have been to some of the haunted houses this year, please vote below for the best haunted house of 2016!

Please remember to be respectful. We will delete all inappropriate comments! This is supposed to be fun, not competitive. Thank you!

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