The questions about this weeks prize location are pouring in Amarillo. So, I'm here to answer!  Where was the $1500 hidden in Round 4 of Dash 4 Kash?  The short answer is it was hidden at John Stiff Park. Amy and her daughters Kelsi and Kimbra found the cash around 11:30am this morning!

To answer the BIG question has been, "where exactly was it hidden?" Allow me to just take you through the steps that took place when I was out, yes me, at 3:00am on Sunday night hiding the prize.

My wife and I were walking through John Stiff Park trying to just look like a crazy married couple out on an insanely late night stroll. We looked for what was the darkest area of the park to prevent any chance of being seen while I stashed the prize.

As we walked from the very far south side of the park, we passed the softball fields, and there it was on our left, a pitch black area. The perfect spot for me to pick a place to stash the cash.

I did a lot of looking around. I looked for things we could use in clues to lead you guys directly to the spot when the time was right. Just so you know, the first day of clues is not the right day! lol. It's a hunt. We're not going to just give the location away on the first day of clues!  This is $1500! We wanted to make it a little difficult.  Why?  Because we don't underestimate our listeners!  We know we have intelligent listeners that have the brain power to figure out the clues. :)  And just a heads up for you, we don't hide the prize in anything metal. So, a metal detector isn't going to help. This is just kind of an FYI for those I saw who were using one.

Back to business. My wife and I are now standing at the opening gates of the dog park in John Stiff. I'm looking off to the west and there was a chain-link fence and some very distinguished trees.  3 very skinny trees that really caught my eye. I was looking at the many trees in this area.  It was 3 skinny trees in a row that run left to right from my view pointing at the gates of the dog park.  That was what I used for the mark.  I went to the middle tree facing west and put my back up against it.  I took 10 paces, looked down, and the flashlight on my cell phone revealed a bunch of lovely cracks in the ground. This is exactly what I was looking for!  I found the perfect crack. It was a nice tight squeeze and I just slid it down in the crack. It was perfect!  I left about 1 inch of the prize sticking out.  There was the bright red corner of the prize sticking out, and you could even see part of the KISS-FM sticker poking out the ground as well.

Hey, it followed the rules!  There was no digging, no climbing, and no need to destroy any property involved in finding this stash.  You just had to look down and pluck it out of the ground.  It was hidden identically to the Batman Pez dispenser that we hid in the exact same park last year. :)  If you played last year, you probably recall the video of me and Tommy going out to get the stash after the round ended and we relocated it for the following round.

So anyways, that's where it was!  The middle skinny tree by the gates of the dog park. Ten paces to the west (walking straight to the chain-link fence). All you had to do was look down!

I literally sat at John Stiff park this morning for about 2 hours and I saw people out there looking. Once Angel Dee went on with the 10:20a clue, I saw a ton of people rush over to the dog park.  I must have witnessed 600 people just walk right over it. Some were even stepping right on it!  I was sitting in a car just laughing my head off watching everyone literally coming within inches of it and just not seeing it!

Thanks for playing everyone!  We're not done yet either!  Round 5 kicks off next Monday, June 10th and it starts off with another $1,000 on the line! 

You can prepare yourself for the next round!  Check out the clue breakdown I did for Round 1 to get a little insight into how we write up the clues. Take some time to read the official rules as they will help you out as well.

Yes, more bonus clues will be available as well!  Go like our Groovy Pop's Facebook page and we will release bonus clues!