A woman posted an alarming status on Facebook about a potential predator.

Around noon on September 13th, Brittney Studer took to Facebook to share a jarring experience that had happened to her. According to the Facebook post, Studer was at John Stiff Park in Amarillo with children when she noticed a man lurking behind a tree. She said that she thought the man was taking photos of the children. Apparently, there was also another man watching them from nearby who later drove off in a silver SUV. When Studer decided to move away from the area, the man allegedly followed her until she got in her car and began to drive away.

Studer called the Amarillo Police Department, who arrived at the scene shortly after. She left the park at that time, so she said she didn't see what happened between the police and the suspicious man.

However, she did update her status with new information. According to the post, APD told the woman that the man at the park was a registered sex offender and he told the police he had been playing Pokemon Go.

She said that APD also told her that the man was not violating any terms by being at the park.

Here is the post:

Trust your instincts and always be aware of your surroundings! If you find yourself in a similar situation, contact authorities immediately.

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