Grrrrrrrrrr! I'm growling because I'm gonna vent on men's bathrooms! Haha... I'm not gonna lie but when I use the restroom here at work I prefer using the women's bathroom.I don't what it is but women in my opinion like to keep their restrooms clean. We'll maybe here at work they do. Unfortunately here at work I have been banned from using the women's bathroom due to not cleaning up after I shave. But anyways some guys are complete pigs when it comes to that bathroom. Didn't your momma teach you well!

I have found crazy stuff in our men's bathroom messages written on the wall, toilet paper on the floor, and stuff left in the sink. YAAAAACCK!!! I think I'm gonna start renting my own porta potti and setting it up in the Kiss parking lot.

Maybe I'm just getting a little picky but I like using a CLEAN restroom. I wonder what our janitor says about! So now that I'm done venting.. By the way our janitor Gene does a great job at cleaning our mess around here.

Here's my message of the night " DON'T FORGET TO FLUSH!"

So here's my question.

Who has the dirtier bathroom at the office women or men?