A women from New Hampshire who for years every week since 2002 would bring her mother's ashes to bingo games for good luck. She and her mother for years loved to play bingo together. Before her mother died in 2002, Bozzi promised her she would take some of her ashes with her every time she would go play bingo. Her mother agreed, saying she would bring Bozzi luck.

Well recently her luck has ran out! Because just recently there has been a spree of cars getting broken in to in the New Hampshire area, and they broke into to Diane Bozzi's car and stole her mother's ashes.

Police say: "the urn was stolen from Diane Bozzi's van Tuesday morning in Rochester by someone targeting unlocked cars".

Diane Bozzi says: "the urn was in a bag that she was planning to take to her bingo game later in the day".

I don't whats the weirdest thing about this story the women taking her mom's ashes to bingo, or the thief's taking a urn with someones ashes? Wouldn't be surprised if they tried to take the urn with the ashes to a pawn shop to get a little holiday cash!

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