Did you open your City of Amarillo Water bill and wonder why is was higher than normal?  You used the same amount of water that you normally do, but you were charged more than normal.  There is a reason your bill might be higher than usual.


The City of Amarillo said that occasionally the Utility Billing Department will have to estimate a bill and that is what happened on this billing cycle.

According to with the City of Amarillo:

“If you think your water meter was not read accurately, we encourage you to contact us,” says Assistant City Manager Michelle Bonner. “We can send a representative out to do a re-read of your meter. Or, if you’ve done a personal check, you can give us that reading. From there, we can determine if an adjustment is due.”

You can contact the City of Amarillo Utility Department at 378-4272, or  e-mail waterbill@amarillo.gov with your account number please give them a 24-hour turnaround to respond.