We all went to the gas station before got a bag of Doritos opened it up and filled it up with nacho cheese sauce.Yummy!

I remember during school lunches we use to run to the 7-eleven store and drench my bag of Doritos with nacho cheese, beans and jalapenos! So freaking good... Last night a caller called in saying her and her son were going to Super Mercado on the blvd to buy "Papas Locas" which means Crazy Potatoes.

I've never heard of them before, but after talking about it on the radio some of the employees from Super Mercado heard me saying "I've never tried it before"...They sent me a bag of "Papas Locas!"

Basically they let you choose your favorite bag of chips cut the side of it and fill it up with all kinds of toppings. A little bit of Mayonnaise, Parmesan Cheese, fresh Lime juice, graded cheese, corn, and hot sauce! With all that mixed up mixed your first bite will be an explosion of the best bag of potato chips you have ever eaten.

Check out the video! You can buy these at Super Mercado on the corner of Amarillo Blvd & Grand.



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