Craigslist is a gold mine for men looking for women.  Most of the personal ads are okay. But some are downright hilarious.  Here's a few of my faves for the week. These are not edited for spelling/grammar, but are edited for profanity. 

Where's the gamer girls? Metal girls? (Amarillo)

body : average height : 5'10" (177cm) status : single

Where can I meet friendly gamer chicks. I need conversation from a gamer that's on my level or worse. Doubt anyone is worse but still. Would love to meet you :)
Message me sometime, let it go from there.

Stellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (Amarillo)

: I am 38 years old don't make lot of money but lot of potential

Attractive and Spontanious (Amarillo)

zodiac : ♓ pisces status : single drinks : rarely

age: 49

caucasion,spontanious, easy going, job, own place, cars etc., sk8er, integrity, values, morals (wut the hell r morals), intelligent, no drama, no kids (i know of), automotive tech, 6'1", good build, 205 lbs., long blonde hair, blue eyes, smokes, appreciates the lil things in life, travel back forth to Arizona/ Florida 4 family/friends. I have wut u want, if u dig hanging with me ill give it to u!


No ebony women sorry...attractive, pleasant to look at, thick is ok if u wear it well, independant, spontanious, no drama or ex b/f stalking, kids ok, appreciates lil things, do not apply makeup w/butterknife (OMFG), COMMON SENSE (most important).

If u have most of this going for maybe u might be interested in me...lets find out?

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