Is "desperateness" even a word?

Time to look over the men seeking women section of Craigslist to see how the men are trying to attract women.  These are not edited for spelling/grammar. They are edited for profanity! 

They cant feed themselves... (west of town)

Been a long night but the last calf is out, bedded, and keeping warm inside today....Think we got lucky because a guess on the time of delivery coincide d with the height of the has been like that for me...outdoors for the last 18 years a fella dose get in tuned with mother nature...the animals that can't care for themselves...and being all alone in this wonderful range....I love snow...the crystal flakes on the fence line....the pop of apple wood in the in the snow...I know why people stay indoors and warm...but being in the thickets with God us what makes my blood feel alive...non smoker seeks long term woman to be a friend, partner, erotic fixation....if have a need for the same...write back...I will be here.
You have had a difficulty...been hurt in some way by a loved is time you move away from the bad to a new life... pain, lose and disappointment...getting health again...trusting that a man will help you trans end the drama...I. agree
People try so hard to be happy ....all we ever wanted was love....its a test....of faith....of honesty....and most assuredly of forgiving....

somewhere under the water faucet

Ok here it goes again ,I have no kids , kids are ok I just have none ,
I have a job, a car ,a house ,great personality,I dont Dance dont want to , dont smoke or drug rarley drink.
I am a white male average looking ,Really good guy just attract the wrong women ,please not wanting to be rude but if I cant carry you ,please don't respond I am attracted to small frame women , please be between 35 and 50
replies with pics get first response
no bs spammers please
thanks and now go have a great wonderful day in this 100 degree weather!!

One who is honest...

I hear it. I see it. I read it. All from women (to men). Grow up girls.

. Make me happy.
. Make me laugh.
. Make me orgasm.

No one can "make" you do anything.

. Happiness is your attitude.
. Laughter is your sense-of-humor.
. Your orgasm is your sensitivity to stimulus.
. It's past time for you to accept your equality, or better yet, your superiority.

It's all on you.

God bless sluts.

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