Well this is lovely, the city of Amarillo is looking for yet another way to make a buck off you!  Basically, mow your yard, or get a gigantic bill/fine in the mail from the city!  This doesn't just count for houses, it includes ALL property owners!

With all the rain we've been getting, grass and weeds are growing out of control, so there's lots all over the city that are currently in violation of the code!

I know, mowing sucks, but a big bill that your not prepared to pay will suck even harder!

So put your beer bongs down, and break the lawn mower out!

According to the City of Amarillo, uncultivated vegetation, meaning grass and weeds, can be no taller than 8 inches tall.

Now, your plants, they don't count, they can exceed the limit, as long at they are "cultivated".

If you don't mow your yard, whether it's your house our your business property, to meet the regulations, the city of Amarillo will mow your yard for you, send you a gigantic bill for the mowing service, AND AN ADMINISTRATION FEE!

Hey, they got sh!t to buy, what do you expect?

So take the time to mow your yards and avoid the gigantic bill!

For more information you can call 806-378-3041.

Now, I get it.  This is all an effort to keep Amarillo looking good and not ghetto.  So don't be lazy, mow your yard, it looks better anyways!

So what do you think this all boils down to?  Let's take a poll and get some opinions!

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