Nope, it wasn't the Walmart on Georgia.

The whole country has been on high alert for the past few weeks after several cities reported sightings of creepy clowns without an explanation.

Just a few days ago, Amarillo felt the terror when clowns were seen wandering around in different parts of town. Supposedly, the clowns were just promoting a local haunted house, but that hasn't stopped people from taking steps to be prepared.

On Thursday, October 6th, a man dressed as a clown was following cars in the Coulter Walmart parking lot. His threatening behavior led to a call to the police.

When the Amarillo police showed up, they identified the man as David Anthony Talbot-Smith. Apparently, Smith had two outstanding warrants, so he was booked into county jail, as well as receiving a criminal trespass at all Amarillo Walmart locations.

Be aware of your surroundings when you're out and about, especially at night.

Let us know if you've seen a clown in the Texas Panhandle!