What a great way to start off 2012, A father from Amarillo, Texas for days has been tweeting, and Face-booking in search for his 17 year old daughter Haley Faith Wilson who was missing since December 26th a day after Christmas! Haley's Father Ray Wilson was only left behind with was just a note from Haley. On December 27 Ray Wilson started posting on Twitter and Facebook about his missing daughter. The Video he posted went viral in days.



I also re-Tweeted and shared on our Facebook to help get the word out about missing teen from Amarillo who apparently was headed towards California. In hopes of someone maybe seeing the 17 year old girl we would get some kind of tips. The tweets Ray Wilson sent out were passed on all across the country, and many people sent encouraging words and prayers to the father of the missing daughter from Amarillo, Texas. On this date January 3rd 2012 I woke up to some great news and our prayers were met! Haley Faith Wilson was found today outside of Carlsbad, California!

This what Ray Tweeted today.








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With the help of many people re-tweeting and sharing on Facebook our prayers have been met! Haley Wilson WELCOME HOME from everyone here at Kiss Fm!!!!!

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